WP 1 – Project management and Coordination

Duration – 30 months

  • To coordinate the activities guaranteeing the well-timed and effective realization of the proposed activities;
  • To identify possible risks or delays and the relative corrective solutions;
  • To grant a proper monitoring and evaluation of activities.

The University of Parma will take the whole responsibility for the overall project implementation.

Proposed activities:

1.1 Kick-off meeting and setting up of the Steering Committee

1.2 EC Kick-off meeting

1.3 Project management, coordination and monitoring

1.4 Financial management and reporting

1.5 Steering Committee intermediate and final meetings

1.6 Monitoring and evaluation

Expected results:

  • 1 Minutes of the Kick-off meeting
  • 4 Minutes of intermediate and final meetings
  • 1 official interim report
  • 1 Final assessment & evaluation report

Responsible partner: University of Parma (IT); all the partners cooperate.


Aside from any critical evaluation of the European indications on transnational posting, there is no doubt of the complexity of the regulation. Due to its developments over time, its structure and the differences in how the directives are transposed into national legal systems, as well as the variety of business areas involved, there has been lively debate in legal literature and repeated interventions in case law. In defining the project, this led to the question of the level of widespread awareness, particulary in Emilia-Romagna and the neighbouring areas, i.e., an area with a high degree of consolidated industrialisation, advanced businesses with a clear international vocation and constant trading. The same method has been applied in other countries.

We have focused above all on metal engineering industries, as, at least in Italy, in this area postings on the border of legality (and often fa beyond it) are frequent, particularly for workers form Portugal and from Romania. We will then discuss the inspection services.

The fundamental objective of the project has to be closely coordinated with the indications of the national authorities working in the inspection field, as it should be possible to identify the mechaninsms of fruitful transnational cooperation between the various public bodies, in …

Trade unions

The overall outcome is fairly uniform and conforming to expectations; the issue is know at a general level, above all in terms of the risk of offences, but is deemed the realm of specialists and not really a major issue today, in a phase dominated by the epidemic crisis and the related strong concerns over the duration of employment relations and business trends.






not completed


returned and tabulated

Key findings

  • What are the number of inspections carried out per month and per year, concerning posting of workers?

    From the questionnaires received, a limited number of inspections emerged, always calculated on an annual (and not monthly) basis. On average, the number of inspections is about 5 per year per Inspectorate. Inspected undertakings are in general from construction, mechanical/metallurgy and transport sector.

  • What is the methodology of these inspections?

Please click here to read the treaty written by Prof Enrico Gragnoli regarding the research (the document is in italian)

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